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Sophisticated Technology, Simple Operation

We want your Hot Spring® spa to be your favorite destination, so we design our hot tubs to include a variety of features that make your spa experience more relaxing and enjoyable. Enjoy less stress, more spa features and unsurpassed quality from the world's best-selling hot tub brand.

Varieties of Spas Made By Hot Spring.

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Energy Features

Exclusive Insulated Cover — Each spa comes with a custom-fit cover that forms a tight seal. It's made of durable marine-grade vinyl with 2 or 1.5 lb foam insulation, and is tapered for water run-off. It features child-resistant safety locks and is UL Classified in accordance with ASTM safety standards.

Constant Heat — Driving innovation, Hot Spring Spas' energy saving features maintain the water at your desired temperature, eliminating expensive heating, cooling and filtration cycles.

SmartJet® System — We provide a variety of massage options without oversized or multiple jet pumps. Simply turn on the jet system you want...and nothing more.

Hydraulically Efficient Plumbing
 — Our manifold plumbing system minimizes restrictions in the water flow, so less jet horsepower (and less energy) is required to deliver a strong feel at the jets.

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