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Fiberglass pools are not new... 

but have been in production since the 1950’s. The concept of fiberglass pools came from the revolution of the fiberglass boat industry. A fiberglass boat is the very closest comparison there is to a fiberglass pool. 

A fiberglass pool and high quality fiberglass boats and/or yachts, are very similarly manufactured, using many of the same resins and fiberglass materials. A high quality boat or yacht does not have an “expected lifespan.” It should be expected to perform for as long as you own it. A fiberglass pool will perform for a lifetime as well, just as the very first fiberglass pool ever made still does today. 

Fiberglass composites have revolutionized nearly every  industry we know today. The inherent lightweight strength and flexible quality of composite products have made fiberglass the product of choice to manufacture medical equipment, the aviation industry, the storage tank industry and many household items you may already be familiar with.  

One of the attractive benefits of fiberglass is that a manufacturer can tailor the material and resins to accommodate the expected usage of the fiberglass part.

A race car body can be manufactured to be inexpensive, lightweight and flexible, while both an airplane body and helicopter rotors must be manufactured to withstand constant pressure change, temperature changes, stress, and wind velocity to perform as expected. A fiberglass boat must safely withstand the stress, pressure and torque of skipping quickly across the waves, carrying precious human cargo. A fiberglass pool is manufactured to withstand temperature changes, freeze-thaw of the water inside and maintain its beauty for a lifetime. 

The technology in the fiberglass composites industry has come a long way since the first fiberglass pools were made. Over the past decades, specialized resins have been formulated for permanent underwater use in boats and pools; allowing fiberglass pool owners to be free from the burden and expensive costs of resurfacing or relining the pool surface.

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